City On A Hill Leader Renewal

Renew a steadfast spirit within me

In today’s world, many distractions interrupt our daily lives and often hinder personal growth. Pastors and leaders face the same pressures and distractions.

To support and encourage these leaders, City on a Hill offers Room 399. Leaders can reserve the room for personal, individual time away from the demands of life and ministry, giving them the opportunity to escape the noise and busyness of their offices and homes. Space and quiet time in a peaceful place can be energizing.

The room’s accommodations include comfortable surroundings, refreshments, music, literature, wireless internet and a view of the park across the street. Our Café offers coffee, drinks, lunches and snacks.

Cost is normally $20 per day. However, a donor has covered the cost through year end for periodic use by pastors and leaders.

Contact us to learn more.