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Doors of Hope has been serving the Holland/Zeeland community since 2007. Our clients usually come to us after a referral from a local church, organization, business, or word of mouth.

People who come to Doors of Hope are usually facing a crisis and don’t have a personal community to turn to for help. They are desperate to have someone see them and to be heard. They need to know that there are still doors that can open for them.

We walk alongside our clients, making sure they know someone is in their corner and showing them the life skills needed to meet the goals they have set. We recognize that a door of hope looks different to each person. It can look like learning how to budget, advocacy, receiving personal/household items, getting referrals to other local resources, or being given a listening ear and gaining a friend. We take the time to get to know each client and see them for who they are, not just as the situation they are facing. We want everyone to be known and heard.

We know that a strong community is key for success for those that we work with, so our community is so important to us. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our church, business, and organizational partnerships and for the beautiful giving hearts of individuals like yourself.

Can you help open a door of hope?


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Ministry Stories

John was connected to Doors of Hope by his mentor after he was hit by car.  He had no income and was waiting for his short-term disability payment to kick in.  His bills were piling up, and he needed help.  Doors of Hope was able to help pay his rent and bring food to him.  We also were able to connect him to local agencies that paid his utilities.

Currently, John continues to heal from his accident.  His disability support has kicked in.  He is so grateful for the help that we were able to give him.

“For I was hungry and you fed me…. I was sick and you cared for me.”

– Matthew 25:35-36

In August of 2021, Carol’s church referred her to Doors of Hope. Here’s what she shares about experience here…

“I have been independent my whole life, but I needed guidance. I didn’t want a handout. I’m so grateful I came here. Everything is looking up now. I love life. I love the help I get here. I’m not alone. I can come and cry here. Before I came here, I didn’t think there was help for me. You have given me hope. Everybody here is just awesome and passionate about what you do and that’s from God. Coming to Doors of Hope has shown me that I am worthy of love and I have a lot of love to give.”

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

– Romans 12:15

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