We are constantly amazed at the partnerships that we have here at Doors of Hope. Even though it’s commonly heard, the statement “we couldn’t do what we do without our partners” is so true!

One of our church partners received this email this week: “…Your love, generosity, and caring places a sheet over the bad – even if only for a few minutes.. I am thankful for that – our family has never had anyone like you guys…you’ve reached out to strangers (this is) something you didn’t have to do.”

Matthew 25:35 talks about relationships just like this. For WE were hungry and He gave us food. We were thirsty and He gave us a drink. As the body of Christ, this is how we are called to care for those around us.

We are grateful to be able to see this verse lived out. Thank you for your partnerships, prayers, and support as we strive to love like Jesus to those we meet.