Hope House Family Update! It has almost been a month since our family has moved in. We are so happy to share that they are doing great! Dad has full-time employment at a job that he loves. Mom loves to cook and is thoroughly enjoying her kitchen (including making and bringing over the best gumbo we have ever had!). She is also starting to volunteer to give back to this community. The kids are enjoying school and have gotten involved with a local youth group. We see peace on their faces and our hearts are full.

We are so thankful to be part of a community that not only sees the problem that the lack of affordable housing is but who also wants to be part of solving it. With your help, we opened a door of hope for this family of five. We know that this is just the start and we ask for your continued support as we seek to give hope to other families. Will you consider becoming a monthly supporter? To donate, please head here: https://coahm.org/ways-to-give/