As I look back over the previous year, it would be easy to focus on the negative.  I could go on about shut-downs, lockdowns, social and political unrest, financial instability etc…  However, I am intentionally choosing gratitude as I review last year and especially as it relates to our ministry here at Doors of Hope.  For sure, the population that we work with was hit hard by COVID 19.  We served record high numbers of families through our food pantry this past year.  We saw clients that we work with who have addiction issues fall back into active addiction as well as clients who struggle with mental illness spiral into some dark places.  Many of our clients, at times, were overcome with fear and anxiety as they thought about what would happen to them and their families once the holds were lifted on evictions and utility shut offs since they lost their employment due to the pandemic. 

Yet, despite all those things, we also saw church partners, businesses and individuals step up in new and extremely generous ways to help those in need.  We had a local business, Back to Health Chiropractic, shop for and donate thousands of dollars’ worth of Christmas presents to several of our families.  Many of you receiving this have gone above and beyond our expectations to minister the love of Jesus to our people in such needed and practical ways and we are so thankful!  Yes, it has been a hard year but also, it has been a year for God’s people to shine brighter than ever to a hurting world!

I watched my staff excel in coming alongside our clients as they had to stretch themselves and get creative with all the added COVID restrictions.  What a blessing it has been to watch the Lord move through them and see people encouraged, given hope, and make positive life choices.  Below I have broken down the number of people we served this past year.

Food pantry- 308 families

Total people met with -446

Total interactions with clients (meetings, phone calls, emails)-3493

We are averaging 250 phone calls a month of people looking for assistance of some type.  Many of them, if we aren’t able to help, we can refer to different agencies that are more suited to their needs.

Client story:  Steve (not his real name) came to us a few months back for help.  He and his wife and 3 children had been living in their apartment with no electricity for a month.  We were able to get their electricity turned back on for them and that was the beginning of an on-going relationship that we now have with them.  Their family was adopted for Christmas and we had the opportunity to hear more of their story.  They shared with tears running down their faces, how often they had been homeless and living in their car with their 3 children and how they moved here a few months ago in hopes of building a better life.  We prayed for them that day and have continued to come alongside them.  Just this week, we were able to get his wife into the Health Clinic here at City on a Hill to address some serious health issues.  Steve reaches out to his life skills coach often and ends his conversations by saying how much better he feels just having someone to talk to.  What a joy it has been to offer hope and support to this family!

We recognize, here at Doors of Hope, that we are given the privilege to support and bless families like Steve’s because of the generous support of our partners.  Thank you so much for investing in families like this! Our hearts are full of gratitude.

As we look into the coming year, we are filled with hope.  Though the days are still so uncertain, one thing we know for certain, our God is faithful, and we can trust him fully! 

“Now may God, the inspiration and fountain of hope, fill you to overflowing with uncontainable joy and perfect peace as you trust in him.  And may the power of the Holy Spirit continually surround your life with his super-abundance until you radiate with hope.”

                                                                                           Romans 15:13 (The Passion Translation)

Advancing the kingdom together,

Terri Caldwell-director & Doors of Hope staff