Doors of Hope is the new name of the City on a Hill ministry formerly called ATLAS.  “After 13 years, the staff felt God was calling us into a new season of ministry,” explained Executive Director Terri Caldwell.

“This verse from Hosea 2:15 really stood out to us, where it says, ‘I will transform the valley of trouble into a doorway of hope.’ As we thought about how God was using us in the lives of people coming to us for help, we felt that made a lot of sense.  Often they’re discouraged  and sometimes hopeless, and to just have somebody  listening and cheering them on and advocating on their behalf, opens doors for them that they were not able to do themselves.”

The Doors of Hope staff are excited about how the name gives a clearer understanding of their purpose, Terri said. “We really consider it an honor and a privilege to walk with people and be agents of the Lord who can help open those doors for them.”