Patients will be screened on the telephone when scheduling appointments and on arrival at the clinic to determine if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. Patients will be asked to park in the lot by the clinic doors and call the clinic upon arrival. The receptionist will bring the patient paperwork, a mask and take the patient’s temperature. The patient will also be asked symptom questions. Patients are to remain in their vehicles until the nurse retrieves them from the parking lot. There will be no patients in the waiting area. Patients MUST agree to following these guidelines or will be denied access to the clinic. Exposed or symptomatic patients will be immediately provided with the number to the COVID-19 hotlines (Spectrum Health 1-833-559-0659, Holland Hospital 616-394-2080) or directed to the nearest emergency room if experiencing life threatening symptoms.

All employees and volunteers will be screened and temperatures taken at the beginning of each shift.

The patient will be the only one allowed in the building unless a family member or interpreter is needed for the appointment. No exceptions.

The clinic also has telemedicine appointments available if it is not necessary for the patient to be seen in person at the clinic.

Please call 616-748-6009 for more information or to make an appointment.