City on a Hill Director Gary Ellens reports that, by the grace of God, City on the Hill has been able to withstand the worst blasts of this winter.

Our aging heating system kept up with the stresses of the Polar Vortex, thanks in part to the capable service of our volunteer boiler team. The power stayed on throughout the Bomb Cyclone event. And all winter, our snow service, including donated, volunteer help clearing the walks, has kept our building accessible and provided our ministry partners with an inviting, helpful place to do their work.

In the middle of February’s cold, City on a Hill was pleased to again host the Ottawa County Walk for Warmth, when more than 250 people gathered here before heading out on a frigid walk-a-thon to raise money to help those who might face a heating crisis.

City on a Hill is a place where people who want to help and people who need help can come together. City on a Hill would not exist without the friendship, support and prayers of our community!