For some people it’s in April, but every month is “volunteer appreciation month” at City on a Hill.

City on a Hill could not operate without our volunteers. Faithful folks who show up week after week, doing essential work. Businesses that donate valuable services. And teams from companies, churches or other organizations who show up for a blitz day of chores.

“I enjoy meeting people at the front desk, and I feel like I’m helping a bit with the ministries.”

Ruth Dannenberg

Volunteers help City on a Hill show God’s love by bringing hope, help and healing to our community and world. City on a Hill is a place where people who want to help connect with people who need help.

     Some 150 volunteers lend a hand anywhere from an hour or two a month to several days a week at the four City on a Hill ministries.

     Volunteer medical professionals treat growing numbers at the Clinic who can’t afford doctor visits. Café volunteers serve at the coffee counter, clean up, and serve for our Tuesday evening dinners. Other helpers welcome visitors at the reception desk, keep the boilers running and provide general maintenance.

     The Clinic and the Café, in particular, need additional volunteers right now, to show compassion through medical care or food service. (See the Volunteer Contacts information on the back page.)

    Often, volunteers say they get so much more than they give. But they also give so much, and we give thanks for every one of them!

“I wanted to lend a hand, I wanted to give back. It’s a great place to be. I always look forward to Tuesday.”

Holly Balder

The blessing is mine. There are wonderful people in the ministries that I got to know. I enjoy it very much.”

John Betten