Much of life was upended this year, but human needs took no layoff, no furlough. If anything, the need for the hope, help and healing from God’s ministries has been greater than ever. The ministries operated by City on a Hill and those working in our building have continued to meet those needs.

In fact, by finding new ways of working, following new protocols as necessary, our own ministries have met growing needs.

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With COVID safety protocols in place, our Health Clinic still provided 1,962 patient visits, a 26 percent increase over the previous year, with the help of some 60 dedicated volunteer medical professionals.

Doors of Hope coaches found new ways to reach out, such as meeting clients by telephone and Zoom and even outdoors in parks, as community members dealt with crises. This year Doors of Hope served 388 community families through 3,325 interactions, an increase of 18 percent over the previous year.

The Café crew worked creatively to open safely, bringing hot coffee, good food, warm fellowship, and bright smiles to staff and clients working at City on a Hill as well as to our community friends.

The Leader Renewal Room continues to offer private respite space to ministry and nonprofit leaders at no cost to users, thanks to generous donor support.

In addition to our own four ministries, the efficiencies provided by our collaborative and inviting space in these tough times have been all the more important to our tenant ministry partners. Our 34 tenant ministries bring God’s word to students in area classrooms, support ministers in the mountains of Nepal, send missionaries around the world, create memory quilts that raise funds for slum children in Kenya, teach young people with special needs, provide emergency travel for medical needs, solve housing crises, bring chaplains to businesses and much, much more.

For 14 years now, City on a Hill has been able to serve the greater Zeeland and Holland communities, as well as people around the world, because of generous community support from individuals, businesses and foundations in our community.