“We’re adapting, and it’s a continuous process.”  That’s Director Gary Ellens’ summary of life at City on a Hill during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Adapting” means ministry is underway – if in a somewhat new fashion. That “fashion” includes mask wearing in all public spaces and a locked front door to ensure that only ministry partner employees or guests are in the building.

More and more ministry partners are working on site, Gary said, but added, “I would not say we’re back to our normal pace of activity.”

That said, the caring, collaborative atmosphere is back to normal.

“When I see partners here, they’re glad to have a place to be back to, and they’re very interested in what’s happening at City on a Hill. They frequently ask how the other partners are doing.

“There’s definitely a feeling of, ‘Are we doing OK, are people doing OK?’  It once again brings out that feeling of family that people have at City on a Hill, wondering what’s happening with some of the other brother and sister ministries.”

The future remains an unknown. Masks and doors locked for the foreseeable future, Gary noted. “We’re attempting to adapt to meet new circumstances as they come up.

“But we are here, and we’re vibrant. In many ways it’s business as usual.  We’re continuing to provide low-cost space for ministries.  For many of them, what they do has not changed.  The ministries that are here are doing great work.”