A man, about 50 years old, was living in a van. For a year. After he lost his job because of foot and vision problems. Because he couldn’t afford medication for diabetes. So he couldn’t get a new job. So he lived in a van. For a year.

Complicated problems like that create complex crises for many people right here in Zeeland and Holland, for those neighbors to whom we’re commanded to show love.  Thankfully, this man was able to find coordinated, collaborative help through City on a Hill ministries and its ministry partners.

City on a Hill’s founders 13 years ago walked in faith, step by step, following God’s call to create a place of hope, help and healing. Today, City on a Hill continues to be shaped by God’s calling to meet needs in this community and the world. It has grown to operate its own ministries, like the Clinic and ATLAS, and it hosts 40 other ministries that address a wide variety of needs.

For instance: The man in the van was brought to City on a Hill by an ATLAS church partner. Increasingly, churches partner with ATLAS to provide expert help that deacons or church staff might not have.

Then ATLAS life coaches assessed the man’s situation and began to address his needs.  The Health Clinic tackled his medical issues, providing treatment and medication. The clinic’s community health worker connected him with Medicaid for on-going medical care. And one of our ministry partners, Harvest Stand Ministries, provided food and clothing. Finally, the man continued to meet with his ATLAS life coach to  get a job, budget and find a home.

It was a collaborative solution to a complex crisis, a solution City on a Hill’s founders couldn’t see coming 13 years ago. But God did. And the founders did follow God’s calling to create a place where the light of His love would shine to people in physical and spiritual need.

Today, City on a Hill still follows that calling. It follows it  by operating four ministries itself and by helping 40 other ministries do more good, with shared spaces, ministry incubator support, a well-maintained facility, and collaboration between ministries. It does it by finding new and exciting ways to serve God by serving our neighbors.

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