Burning Bright Campaign

Help Our Ministries Continue Burning Bright

City on a Hill’s core mission is to provide affordable, inviting and collaborative spaces for ministries and nonprofits with limited budgets. This empowers the ministries in the building to bring even more hope, help and healing to our community and the world. Central to this important duty is the stewardship of our 100,000-square-foot facility, which requires ongoing care and investment to ensure its status as a lasting resource for our community.

The majority of our building is heated by two boilers that were built in 1980. Now several years past its life expectancy, our heating system’s maintenance costs are increasingly high and unpredictable. Should the system fail, it would leave 70% of our building without heat. This would impact the work of over 100 ministry staff and dozens of volunteers, clients and other visitors.

We have been blessed to partner with expert advisors in commercial heating systems. They have proposed an updated, zone-based heating system for our building. This new system will provide our tenants with reliable heat for decades to come. Collaborating closely with contractors, we’ve ascertained that the most cost-effective solution will cost about $1.2 million. With current low interest rates, our board and financial advisors have determined the best path forward involves raising money for a considerable down payment to reduce our long-term liabilities while taking out a loan to cover the remaining cost.

This Spring we are announcing the Burning Bright capital campaign to raise $300,000 to support this effort. We are asking our giving partners, philanthropic organizations and members of our community to consider a special gift to this important cause. 100 percent of the gifts will directly fund this critical HVAC improvement that will ensure City on a Hill will continue to be a warm place for the incredible individuals who work, fellowship and seek help here.


Gary Ellens, Executive Director
Dave Ash, Board Chair 

Dedicated volunteers have kept our aging boilers working since we took up residence on-site in 2006.

Greater Reliability. Long-Term Sustainability.

These are just a few of the 22 ministries working in the affected space.

“Through City on a Hill, we can offer comfortable waiting spaces, private examination rooms for patients, secure spaces for medical supplies and functional staff offices. With so many ministries in one place, clients needn’t travel far to find the help they need.”

Christine Plummer RN, MSN
Director, City on a Hill Health Clinic

“Our move to City on a Hill allowed us to vastly improve our ability to provide struggling families with vital food and personal items in a dignified way. Plus, the wide range of other ministries in the same building helps us easily connect clients with other helpful community resources.”

Craig Schrotenboer
Executive Director, Harvest Stand Ministries

“Doors of Hope is grateful for such a conveniently-located building with welcoming offices and meeting spaces where we can serve our clients. Our work, to help those facing personal or financial crisis, is aided greatly by the proximity of the other ministries in the building!”

Terri Caldwell
Executive Director, City on a Hill Doors of Hope

How You Can Help

We need a total of $1.2 million to fund these critical HVAC updates for City on a Hill. We are asking our supporters and others in the community to help us raise a $300,000 down payment for the new heating system, with the remaining $900,000 covered by a long-term loan.

The more money we can raise, the less we will need to borrow, reducing our long-term costs.
You can donate to City on a Hill’s Burning Bright capital campaign securely online using the form below.