City On A Hill ATLAS

Sharing the weight, showing the way

ATLAS meets people where they are, offering support to those in our community who are hurting and encouragement to those who are on the path to discovering significant life change.

Financial hardship, relationship issues, addictions, and emotional and mental health concerns are among circumstances that can leave a person feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. ATLAS provides a listening ear, obtainable goal setting, advocacy, accountability, life skills coaching, and healthy relationship building. All ATLAS services are provided at no cost to clients.

ATLAS also works as an extension of the local church. When situations arise beyond the abilities and resources of a church body, we are there to offer direction while maintaining communication and accountability with the church. Everything ATLAS does is built on Biblical principles and prayer.

For more about ATLAS:
Faith Avery, Director
100 Pine Suite 125, Zeeland, MI 49464